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Where Can a Business Owner Turn To In Troubled Times?

Michael Michaelson, Business Development Consultant - J9 Advisory

Business Funding

J9 Advisory has been in the news recently as Johnny Abraham secured banking arrangements for Nigel Farage after Coutts Bank rescinded his facilities. He has also recently Chaired the prestigious Turnaround Management Association Conference in London which was a huge honour for both him and J9.

Owning and running a business has never been more challenging. Despite Inflation falling and Interest Rates probably hitting a ceiling, costs are continue to rise, and securing and retaining good staff has never been harder. We also have the increasing likelihood of a new government in the next twelve months together with continuing world turmoil, ensuring that unexpected events can also derail even the most prosperous and well run organisation. All of these factors together mean it is becoming harder for some businesses to plan forward with confidence or certainty, and for a variety of reasons, cash flow can suddenly become unmanageable and a raft of other seemingly minor problems, can suddenly manifest themselves into significant issues that can have devastating consequences. So where can a business owner turn to in troubled times? Often speaking with their own professional advisors can be embarrassing and often unproductive, as distress is not an area most firms have the experience to advise on. Confiding in senior colleagues can pose a number of difficulties and talking to friends and family is too close to home and can be too hard to do. J9 Advisory specialises in working with businesses in distress, and can help any company that requires a fresh uncomplicated pair of eyes, a new thought process and the opportunity to look at problems from a more detached prospective, finding solutions that are not obvious to those bogged down by worry and angst. Whilst not every business can be saved, J9 Advisory is here to help, and has a track record of solving problems.

Please call myself, Michael Michaelson on 07973 149336, or Johnny Abraham on 07973 471210, for a confidential chat that could change your life.


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