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I need access to business funding quickly, can you help?

Whether you need business funding to support growth, acquire new assets, reduce the cost of funding, increase the level of funding or in to switch to a more suitable funding partner we can help.


And as an independent firm, we aren’t tied to any particular funders, meaning we will present you with the best options available.


What is refinance?

Refinancing is the replacement of an existing debt obligation with another debt obligation under different terms and / or provider.


What is asset finance?

Asset financing is the use of a company’s balance sheet assets, including plant and machinery, vehicles, stock or debtors, to borrow money through a loan or revolving credit facility.


What are business loans?

A business loan is repayable debt facility that companies can utilise for working capital or asset acquisition, which they are unable to finance from existing cash reserves.


What is factoring / invoice finance?

Factoring (invoice finance) is a financial transaction and a type of debtor finance in which a business sells its accounts receivable (i.e. invoices) to a third party (called a factor) at a discount, and enables them to access cash that would otherwise be tied up with outstanding debtors.


What is commercial and investment property finance?

Commercial and investment property finance is available to businesses wishing to buy their own commercial premises, invest in property or to raise finance secured against their current property.


What is property development finance?

Property development finance provides the funds needed to turn a property project into reality.


What is trade finance?

Trade Finance is a facility that sees a business use lenders funds to assist a business in funding its stock purchases.


What is stock finance?

Stock finance is a type of funding that can see stock held by a business used to secure additional funding on a revolving credit basis.


I am unsure if my business is insolvent or not, can you help? 

Yes, we specialise in assisting directors with regards to their business options in times of stress / distress.  We review the position of a business, and plan the options moving forward.  We can then work with directors to formulate and execute a plan.


Are you an insolvency practitioner?

No.  And unlike some firms, we have no links to any insolvency firms.  Should it transpire that one of our clients requires the services of a licensed insolvency practitioner, we will introduce a suitable firm depending on the size of the client, complexity of the case, and any stakeholder requirements.


My business has received a winding up petition, is it too late for you to help?

Not at all.  Once a winding up petition is received it is crucial that you react immediately in order to maximise the time available to find a solution, if at all possible.


On speaking with us, we will endeavour to meet with you face-to-face (or virtually give the current situation with coronavirus / Covid19) within 24 hours.  We will then assist you in reviewing your options and formulating a plan on the same day and will pull together relevant trusted professionals to ensure you have all of the guidance and assistance that you will require to achieve the best result for your business and creditors depending on the situation.


My bank / funder has asked me to seek independent advice regarding the position of my business, can you help?

Yes, we are known to most funders and therefore can assist in providing the assistance required together with managing what may be a stressed relationship.


I have spoken to someone who says that they will assist me for free, why can't you?

As the old saying goes, "there’s no such thing as a free lunch.” And while there are people / firms who offer a free service, ask yourself why is this person spending time with me for free, and what is in it for them?  There has to be a pay day somewhere.  Do you want to waste valuable time working out the answer to this or do you want engage with someone who is transparent on terms, and can get to work fixing the problem ASAP.


We are completely up-front about our fee structure and terms, which are agreed and clearly set out in our Client Engagement Letters in advance of the  commencement of any work.


Can you assist with producing annual accounts, VAT returns, corporation tax returns, personal tax matters etc ? 

No, J9 Advisory is a specialist advisory firm that only assists with business funding, rescue and restructuring matters.  We will however be happy to introduce you to a suitable ICAEW Firm to assist with your requirements.


Can we meet at your office?

Yes, we have offices in Leeds City Centre and central London, together with access to meeting facilities across the UK and beyond. Alternatively, and given the current situation surrounding coronavirus / Covid-19, we are also set up to work virtually across all aspects of our business.


What does business rescue entail?

Business recovery projects involve developing, managing and implementing bespoke solutions that may keep your business out of trouble; or the planning and executing a controlled restructuring or wind down in order to maximise value for creditors.


This work covers financial, strategic, commercial and stakeholder management, and can incorporate:

  • Business Options Review

  • Debt Advisory

  • Distressed Refinance

  • Cashflow Forecasting and Management

  • HMRC - Time To Pay Agreements

  • Stakeholder Management

  • Credit Control and Debt Recovery


What is business asset disposal?

Business asset disposal can range from disposing of a particular asset, through to project managing the full closure and disposal of a non-performing business. Our aim is to source a day-one purchase price for non-performing assets and businesses, which enables us to remove directors and groups from any adverse stigma attached to the closure of their group, business or division.


Do you provide security services?

Yes. We will source security services for assets and personnel, and can assist with managing anything from physical presence at multiple sites nationally, through to traveller dispersal, and even close protection of key staff.

What if I want to buy or sell a business or an asset?

The difficulty of buying or selling a business or asset is knowing those who are in the relevant market – either as a buyer or a seller.


We have great networks of potential buyers across the UK who are actively seeking to purchase commercial property, high performance and specialist vehicles, development property, yellow plant, viable businesses (including manpower employment agencies, security providers, and telecom and broadband infrastructure operators) and distressed businesses.

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