“Businesses can get into trouble – it’s a sadly inescapable fact.  But we can help even when a director may feel like the rest of the world is against them. Our business rescue advisory services can help you to turn your business around, or assist in a controlled insolvency with potential rescue through a restructuring.” - Johnny Abraham

Business recovery projects involve us developing, managing and implementing bespoke solutions that may keep your business out of trouble; or we can assist with planning and executing a controlled restructuring or wind down in order to maximise value for creditors.


This work covers financial, strategic, commercial and stakeholder management.


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We know that reviewing business options such as refinance, turnaround and insolvency is stressful and emotional for all concerned. In order to navigate this difficult time successfully we believe in working side-by-side, and in a spirit of openness, so that the decisions made, and strategies adopted are the best for the business and for you.


We advise on all matters and issues with regards to any business debt facilities. Because of our independent connections with key decision makers within the majority of the UK’s major lending institutions, our involvement can even assist in improving existing lender relationships. We also review the structure and terms of business debt facilities, which may lead to the restructure or refinance of the facilities in question.


When a business is in difficulty it may be necessary to refinance its debt facilities with very little time available, amid a backdrop of increasing cash pressure. We help distressed businesses (and their owners) to complete accelerated refinance projects; giving them the time needed to explore business rescue and restructuring options.


Cash is the lifeline of any business, but in a distressed situation, daily cashflow management can result in directors and management being pulled in various directions – none of them focused on the day-to-day running of their business. A situation that leave it, and those it employs in a perilous position.


We remove this pressure by producing detailed daily cashflow forecasting models, and assisting in managing your cash position.


HM Revenue & Customs is one of the largest creditors for many businesses. They are also the largest issuer of winding up petitions in the UK, and if your business has fallen behind on its tax payments – whether VAT, Corporation Tax, PAYE or NIC – you need to act quickly to avoid recovery action.

We work as an intermediary on your behalf to negotiate suitable repayment plans that work for HMRC and your business.


When a business is in distress, owners can be pulled in many different directions; whether by banks, funders, HMRC, creditors, suppliers, landlords or debtors. Such a situation can consume vast amounts of management time, meaning the focus of the owner is lost.


We will deal directly with your stakeholders; freeing you and your time up to focus on running your business successfully.


Credit control is a vital function of any business; however it’s an area that is quite often overlooked. We implement or improve existing credit control systems – both simple steps that will vastly improve the cashflow of your business.


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