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To mark J9 Advisory’s 10th Anniversary next year, over the next 12 months alongside other businesses, together with our network, we will be aiming to raise a combined total of £100,000 for charity.

So far we are joined by the following businesses and organisations: 

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We are also supported by the following prize sponsors:

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So far we have raised a combined total of...

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Children's Heart Surgery Fund
MRI Patient Monitoring System


The Children's Heart Surgery Fund support  the Leeds Congenital Heart Unit as a world-class centre of excellence – by providing the funding and resources needed to care for a patient’s heart, mind, family and future.

We aim to raise the funds to purchase an MRI Patient Monitoring System for Leeds Congenital Heart Unit.

The old equipment is a very basic oxygen saturation monitor, that often falls off the baby's foot, meaning they need to be woken to reattach it.

This new equipment will give them the facility to fully monitor their babies throughout the entire time, and allow them to scan sicker babies that might need some oxygen or other breathing help.

The MRI safe monitoring device will allow them to not only monitor oxygen saturations, but also the heart beat and blood pressure from leaving the hospital ward, throughout transport and during the entire MRI scan.

Furthermore, they 
will also be able to monitor the temperature of both their inpatient and outpatient babies, especially the older babies who get very warm throughout the MRI scan and it can be difficult to judge how much to heat the incubator by. 

Cardiac, Pulse and Oxygen Monitors 


Candlelighters support families facing children's cancer in Yorkshire, getting involved in all sorts of projects to help ordinary families who are facing extraordinary circumstances.

We aim to raise the funds to purchase cardiac, pulse and oxygen monitors for the busy children's oncology and haematology wards at Leeds Children's Hospital.

Monitoring patient safety 24/7 across the wards can be demanding and with resource challenges across the NHS, equipment and technology can help make this easier and maintain the safety of patients.
Cardiac monitors are for those patients that the nurses and doctors class as high dependency patients. These patients can be very sick and require extra monitoring to ensure their safety is maintained. 

Across the wards, some children have to stay in side rooms, which are further from the nurses station, behind two sealed doors. These doors are important in infection control as a child’s immune system is very often depleted during cancer treatment, however this means the nurses can't hear the existing monitors behind the doors. Therefore, this equipment will ensure patients can be monitored 24/7 and remotely when the team are not in the room. 

Leeds Baby Bank
Resources for Families in Poverty

Leeds Baby Bank.png

Leeds Baby Bank supports families in Leeds, with children aged 0-5 years, who are experiencing poverty.  They aim to empower local families to provide their children with everything they need at the earliest possible stage of their children's lives. They provide families in desperate situations with all the essentials and equipment they need for their babies and young children.  This includes: bed bundles, nappies and toiletries, baby baths, potties, high chairs, prams and buggies, baby food and milk, clothes and shoes, toys and books. 

They also run an Outreach service once a week in the communities in Leeds where there is high deprivation. At this drop in service, they provide signposting and support to families in crisis, as well as providing essential items including nappies, toiletries and baby food. 

If you would like to get involved or find out more about the challenge, please do not hesitate to get in touch:

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