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We have launched our 10 Year Anniversary £100k challenge.
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“I firmly believe that as business owners we have a duty to give back to the local community in which we work.  As such I do what I can when I can to help local charities and community initiatives and to date, J9 Advisory has raised and donated well over £40,000 for those operating on our doorstep.”
- Johnny Abraham

Charity J9 Advisory
Leeds Children's Heart Surgery Fund
Variety the Childrens Charity
Circus Starr Charity
Leeds Baby Bank
Support Social Care Heroes

To date, J9 Advisory have donated and helped to raise in excess of £40,000 for local charities, including:

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In addition to the support we provide to various Charities, in order to help do our bit for the Environment, we have:

  • Minimised paper usage through utilising electronic documents, together with using iPads rather than paper notebooks (which also provide complete security of information for our Clients), ​and reduced Business Card usage by using Metal NFC Business Card technology from

  • Reduced disposable plastic from the office e.g. by using reusable water bottles and refillable pens.

  • Company vehicles are either Hybrid with under 50g/km CO2 emissions, or are All Electric with zero CO2 emissions.

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