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Client Testimonial - Specialist Care Sector

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

“I was introduced to J9 Advisory by my Solicitor after I lost confidence and trust and thought I was receiving poor advice from a big four insolvency & accountancy practice and a business recovery advisor. Had I followed the poor advice I received at a significant cost from previous advisors and gone down the process they were pressuring me to take, I would have lost my business, business stakeholders would have incurred significant losses and there would have been tremendous upheaval to elderly residents, staff and families during the Covid-19 pandemic. The lack of understanding of the challenges we faced during the pandemic by so called professional advisors was deeply concerning.

J9 Advisory engaged very quickly after an initial meeting and proactively assessed the situation reviewing the options and advice I had been provided with. J9 Advisory suggested other potential options to explore. I felt I was receiving independent company side advice which I had not experienced for over 18 months.

J9 Advisory suggested approaching the Bank to restructure the debt facilities which, if approved, would lead to a significantly improved outcome for all stakeholders and ensure stability to our elderly residents and staff.

J9 Advisory liaised with the existing legal advisors and also introduced independent company side insolvency advisors to ensure that I had the best advice and support necessary to make extremely important decisions within the business whilst fighting a pandemic. I felt they had empathy to our industry and the challenges we faced and liaised with our lender to ensure all stakeholders were protected where possible. This empathy and understanding was not something I had experienced with previous advisors it was such a stark comparison and I felt I was subsequently receiving company side advice for the benefit of all stakeholders.

The work completed has saved my business and avoided an unnecessary Administration process, together with generating a significantly improved return for all stakeholders”


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