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We Can Help Guide You Through The Minefield

Michael Michaelson, Business Consultant J9 Advisory

Over the past two to three years, LinkedIn has undergone a huge culture change, almost certainly resulting from the destructive fallout and damage as a result of the punitive lockdowns that defined the first two years of the Covid pandemic.

Mental health issues are now regularly aired on this platform with subjects such as suicide and severe depression featuring with harrowing and emotional stories that highlight the pains, heartaches and pressures of modern life.

With uncertainly circling around all of us, bad news thrown from all angles, magnified by long dark evenings and January and February traditionally being the most miserable of months, it is often hard to see the positives in life.

In business, many owners have huge worries that often stay hidden beneath the surface, as leading a company can be the loneliest job in the world. Consulting their professional advisors can be expensive and can also be unproductive if engaging with the wrong advisors, so people keep quiet and struggle on.

Johnny Abraham owner of J9 Advisory is here to help all business owners requiring a confidential chat as to the direction their business needs to go. Johnny can help with business restructuring, including raising finance, and he has a wonderful understanding of issues and problem solving.

Please call him on 07973 471210 and allow him to guide you through the minefield of change that will help you to help yourself.


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