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Success, expansion and growth are possible, even during difficult times

Michael Michaelson, Business Consultant J9 Advisory

Negativity is a disease and totally destructive to both quality of life and mental health.

Yesterday we woke to the news that The IMF, has proclaimed the UK economy to continue to fare worse than any other in the developed world.

Interest rates are set to rise again potentially destroying the housing market and every day Public Sector workers go on strike causing inconvenience to millions and serious disruption to the smooth running of the country.


Well run businesses are still thriving despite a plethora of daily challenges. The roads are as gridlocked as ever, restaurants and cafes that offer exceptional quality and service are full and the supermarkets that offer the best experiences are packed.

Of course we are all facing unprecedented times and the cost of living still remains hideously high, but things are never quite as bad as they appear and good times can always be just round the corner.

However if you have a business experiencing either the need for some positive restructuring or liquidity to expand and grow then I urge you to confidentially talk to either myself or my colleague Johnny Abraham at J9 Advisory on 07973 471210. Johnny has a wealth of experience to assist in restructuring and has direct access to lenders looking to support thriving companies.

J9 Advisory has the knowledge and flexibility to help put your mind at ease and assist in a professional and caring way.


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