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Spring Is Upon Us...

Michael Michaelson, Business Development Consultant - J9 Advisory

Business Funding

This has been an even more unseasonably wet winter with grey clouds and continual daily rain making everything seem dull and miserable and somehow winter has felt longer and more oppressive than for many a year.

However, with an early Easter just around the corner, on Sunday the sun shone and there was a lovely warmth in the air and with the clocks going forward on Easter Sunday then hopefully we can all start coming out of hibernation with a degree of optimism and excitement.

Business remains a challenge for many, the world is still a frightening ‘tinder box’ of uncertainty and with no end in sight to a solution to peace in Ukraine and The Middle East these remain dangerous and unstable times and with elections due both here and in the US later this year there is a concerning precariousness about where the world is heading.

However, Spring is upon us and for many businesses it is a time to take stock, reset and to look ahead as to what the future holds.

At J9 Advisory, Johnny Abraham and myself can help YOU to look to stabilise your business and put plans in place to maximise its value and for those worrying and suffering from destructive sleepless nights. We can help in many ways by,

  1. Restructuring existing debt

  2. Introducing new liquidity 

  3. Helping you to restructure the business itself to help you to a brighter future.

Please call Johnny Abraham on 07973 471210 or myself Michael Michaelson on 07973 149336 and allow J9 Advisory the opportunity to allow you to look forward with optimism and positivity.


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