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The Joy Of Life Is All About People

Michael Michaelson, Business Development Consultant - J9 Advisory

Business Funding

Nothing is more exhilarating than great chat, great banter and great camaraderie.

Whilst I appreciate the value and ease of Zoom and Teams calls I find it sad that networking  events are often held electronically as surely the idea of networking is to meet people face to face to establish rapport and a connection.

I am also perplexed that people would rather work from home than in a buzzing, convivial and inclusive office environment where there is a heartbeat and ideas are freely discussed. However if you are a business owner it is often difficult to find the right people to talk to and the right setting of  where to talk.

Whilst owning a company can be hugely lucrative and exciting, it is also very often a lonely and challenging existence.

When you have business issues who can you confidentially talk to?

Your Professional  Advisors?

Your Senior Colleagues?

Your Friends and Family?

Possibly a mixture of all of the above, but very often you need an independent listening ear with no bias and no pre conceived thoughts or prejudices.

In seeking a listening ear you need empathy, understanding but also sometimes some ‘tough love’ with professional independent expertise to help you navigate tricky and worrying situations.

In my previous business life my wonderful colleague Johnny Abraham at J9 Advisory was an invaluable and precious ‘sounding board’ who helped me navigate a significant and potentially destructive issue.

If you need the reassurance of an experienced and  totally trustworthy and honest confidant then I seriously urge you to call Johnny on 07973471210 and allow him the opportunity to help you, advise you and take away a lot of your worry and stress.


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