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Perception is a wonderful thing.

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Perception is a wonderful thing.

Take the England football team for example. When Iran were comfortably and ruthlessly hammered, the country rejoiced and all the talk was a procession to the final.

Fast forward 5 days and a dull, boring and uninspiring performance against the USA sees doom gloom and misery abound, and all talk of ‘football coming home’ shelved. Tonight’s game will no doubt bring more emotions, and either joy or angst with no middle ground.

Business reflects the same rollercoaster of thoughts. Some great days, some wretched ones and everything else in between.

As we approach the final month of another strange post COVID year, we have to be realistic looking into 2023, but also positive and energised because those who display those traits will emerge stronger and more successful.

CASH IS KING and many businesses across all sectors will now require a funding injection to move forwards.

At J9 Advisory we work directly with reputable funders that can help pave the way for your business to thrive and flourish. Please call Johnny Abraham on 07973471210 or myself on 07973149336 to set up a confidential meeting.

Michael Michaelson

Business Development Consultant,

J9 Advisory


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