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Navigating Your business Through Stormy Times

Michael Michaelson, Business Development Consultant, J9 Advisory

The business world presents many unexpected and constantly challenging issues, particularly when as a business owner, you can feel lonely and isolated, with nobody to genuinely confide in when facing these issues. This is even more evident in our current climate.

A number of years ago, having built a significant consumer finance company, the oncoming and destructive recession of the late 2000's presented me with enormous obstacles and hurdles.

When things deteriorate, you are on your own, sometimes clutching at straws, looking for immediate answers and finding the witching-hours between 2am and 4am unbearable and insufferable.

Discussing deep thoughts and fears with immediate colleagues can be difficult, as they are equally if not more fearful about their own futures and therefore often reluctant or simply unable to positively involve themselves in your struggles and toils.

I was extremely fortunate that my Non-Executive Chairman was steeped in company restructure and had the knowledge, experience and empathy to guide me through horrendous turbulence, to eventually after 2 dreadful years, ensure a soft and positive landing.

As we again enter a period of great uncertainty many business owners are worried and anxious, requiring a reassuring and guiding hand to plot a path towards better times.

Together with my colleague Johnny Abraham at J9 Advisory, we can calm the choppiest of waters and assist with any business needing some TLC and constructive advice.

If you would value a conversation, please do contact myself on 07973 149336, or Johnny at J9 Advisory Limited on 07973 471210 to talk in confidence.

Let us help you plot a pathway and find solutions that can and will help you, so you can start to feel positive and proactive about your business again - navigating and steering through the current stormy times into calmer waters ahead.

Johnny Abraham, Managing Director J9 Advisory


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