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RJT Structures

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Bradford, West Yorkshire | Business Options and Pre-Pack Restructuring

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"Initially we were quite wary having been requested by our finance provider to bring in the services of J9 Advisory.

We were at best reluctant and at worst annoyed, and we felt that Johnny had been sent in to spy on our Company, and potentially shut us down.

The truth in fact is that all he did was assist us both in the day to day managing of the Company's finances, and forward planning of cash forecasts, workload and cash requirements to fulfill our contracts.

His availability to us was pretty much everyday, and he would phone us numerous times a day requesting various information, which at the time could seem annoying, however in hindsight, it was all for the greater good and enabled us to have all the information that we required to make some very tough decisions, very quickly.

He would always take the time to talk us through each situation and the positives and negative outcomes which could occur.

We are continuing to work with J9 and would recommend their services to other businesses."

Richard and Claire Taylor


RJT Structures Limited - Bradford

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