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Johnny Abraham Appointed TMA UK Director

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Paul Davies TMA UK President, welcomes newly appointed Directors to the TMA UK Board, including J9 Advisory Managing Director Johnny Abraham.

The Turnaround Management Association - TMA UK is a global non-profit voluntary organisation that provides a professional service which enables troubled businesses to find advice and broaden their knowledge through its extensive network of professionals, education programmes and web sites. Comprising of turnaround and corporate renewal professionals, the organisation has almost 10,000 members in 54 locations including 34 in North America.

TMA members are in touch with business, professional, academic and government leaders who are dedicated to the development of a stronger economy through the restoration of corporate value.

Johnny Abraham comments "I'm incredibly delighted to be appointed to the TMA UK Board of Directors. This organisation provides invaluable advice and support to its members, and I feel honoured to be a part of their network of professionals, who strive to provide the best in business turnaround and recovery services."


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