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£10k donation for carers and young heart patients from J9 Advisory

J9 Advisory, a Leeds-based Advisory firm has made very generous donations to two Yorkshire-based organisations to help and promote their work.

The donations of £5,000 each were made to Support Social Care Heroes (SSCH), an organisation which aims to preserve, protect and improve the health and wellbeing of those providing social care, and Children’s Heart Surgery Fund which supports the Leeds Congenital Heart Unit with medical equipment, parent accommodation and ward facilities.

SSCH, which is in the process of achieving charitable status, was founded in Sheffield in 2021 to support the 1.54m people working in social care in the UK.

Working in partnership with care homes, SSCH aims to boost the lives of social care heroes in the long-term by investing in well-being initiatives, improving working conditions and providing support packages for carers across the country.

Children’s Heart Surgery Fund (CHSF) provides support for patients and families from all over Yorkshire. The donation to the fund has provided 50 developmental aids for babies who have had surgery very early in life, 100 “Katie Bear” toys – the charity mascot which is awarded by CHSF to every patient who has open heart surgery, and sponsorship for the charity’s fundraising ball.

In addition to the above, £2,000 was donated together with friends of the firm to provide iPads for patients and their families, a mobile phone device for a patient to monitor their heart rhythm from home and two “INR” kits for patients to test their blood at home.

Nicola Richards, founder of Support Social Care Heroes, said: “We were incredibly grateful to receive this generous donation from Mr Abraham. Carers are often overlooked so it’s wonderful to know that they’re not forgotten.

“The past two years have been extremely challenging for our country’s social care heroes and we know that many people working in the sector have felt demoralised at times.

“Support Social Care Heroes has been established to ensure those who need care, and those caring for them, are valued by society.”

Johnny Abraham, Managing Director from J9 Advisory, added: “Having worked closely with a specialist care business during the pandemic I saw first hand what the care sector had been through in terms of the pressure that has been placed on them, together with the trauma that they have faced as individuals. It was therefore an easy decision to donate to a new organisation that seeks support and reward social care workers.

“Children’s Heart Surgery Fund is something that I have supported since being introduced at an event in 2016, and I like the fact we can choose to fund particular projects or items of equipment that are required. I believe that we all have a duty to support such initiatives that offer life saving facilities to children in Yorkshire and further afield.”

Andy McNally, Head of Marketing at Children’s Heart Surgery Fund, said: “Children’s Heart Surgery Fund relies on public support to buy life-saving equipment and vital ward facilities to support the NHS provision.

“J9 Advisory’s kind donation will make the world of difference to patients with congenital heart disease and their families across our region.”

Anyone who wishes to donate to Support Social Care Heroes can do so by visiting:

More information about Children’s Heart Surgery Fund can be found at


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