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New Year Inspiration for 2023

Stay inspired with MDM, 4 January 2023

As the country reopens after the festive break, 2023 promises to be challenging, potentially brutal for some, and if nothing else, certainly interesting in the extreme.

My lifelong experience tells me that to combat potential problems we need to be creative, flexible, resilient and adaptable. However the one trait that should be high on everybody’s agenda is being communicative.

In tough times, instead of facing our problems and issues, we tend to retreat into ourselves and often without thinking ‘bury our heads’ hoping things will get better.... but we all know deep down they don’t - not without taking action.

Over the past few years I have met many people through LinkedIn and had numerous meetings and many conversations.

My overriding belief is that people are approachable, accommodating and want to be there to help others in tricky and difficult situations.

We all need to communicate more, to not be afraid to ask for advice and guidance, and to reach out to our friends and contacts, if only for a quiet word of encouragement or nuggets of advice from experience that can transform somebody’s life.

Johnny Abraham and myself at J9 Advisory ARE ALWAYS HERE TO HELP. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience that we are happy to impart, and we are both here for anybody requiring finance and business restructure advice or to just have a confidential chat through issues and uncertainties that are troubling you.

The old adage ‘ A problem shared is a problem halved’ has never been more pertinent.

At J9 Advisory we can help guide and advise you to for a more positive year ahead. Please call Johnny Abraham on 07973471210 or myself on 07973149336 to set up a confidential meeting.

Michael Michaelson

Business Development Consultant,

J9 Advisory


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