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Delivering Results, Even In Challenging Situations

Michael Michaelson, Business Development Consultant - J9 Advisory

Business Funding

As many of you will have seen, Johnny Abraham at J9 Advisory has successfully sourced Nigel Farage new banking facilities following the well publicised Coutts Debanking Scandal.

This is a highly significant success for Johnny personally and shows the ability of J9 to be able to deliver results even in the most challenging of situations.

At J9 we are here to assist businesses in many different ways.

In the current economic and social climate, with the world in potential chaos, running any company in any sector can be a precarious and often a lonely existence, requiring a unique balancing act, and often with no one to turn to for advice.

We can help with raising different types of Business Finance (be it Asset, Property or Cashflow facilities), together with assisting with Cash Flow Improvement (including Debt recovery), together with Reviewing Business Options and assisting with Distressed Business Restructuring.

Whether you need assistance with the above, or are unsure what to do and just want confidential and professional business advice, we can help you unlock a multiple of positive solutions that will maximise value in your business.

Please call myself, Michael Michaelson on 07973 149336, or Johnny Abraham on 07973 471210, and allow J9 Advisory to assist you to formalise a plan and maximise value in your business.

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