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Businesses Can Flourish, Despite Challenging Times

Michael Michaelson, Business Consultant - J9 Advisory

Business Funding

What strange times we live in.

The cost of essentials continues to defy belief, energy prices remain stubbornly high, eating out was once a regular pleasure but is now an expensive treat, and Interest Rates continue to rise inflicting more pain to both house owners and business owners alike, struggling to stay afloat.

The mainstream banks, despite recent rises in profits, still show a tightening in credit policies and therefore appear ever more risk averse which can often hamper growth plans.

Those entrepreneurs who wish to boost the economy, grow their companies, build and renovate properties and take calculated risks, are finding funding harder to secure.

At J9 Advisory, both Johnny Abraham and myself are open for business and can assist in sourcing a large variety of funding directly with lenders, therefore ensuring speed and clarity.

We will confidentially offer you a bespoke service and access to Working Capital, Property And Development Finance and Asset Based Lending, ensuring that growth plans can be implemented, and businesses can flourish.

Please call myself, Michael Michaelson on 07973 149336, or Johnny Abraham on 07973 471210, and allow us to help and guide you to where you want to be.


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