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Offering Unique Insights And Specialist Assistance

Michael Michaelson, Business Development Consultant - J9 Advisory

Business Funding

Business Advisors play a big role in many companies and can offer specialist support, impartiality and excellent strategic solutions in many organisations.

They can offer support, a listening ear and sound advice that revitalise many businesses.

However in increasing instances, business owner require a very detailed analysis of their company and their finances in particular, very often needing an injection of liquidity, either for working capital, to refinance existing expensive debt, or just to facilitate expansion.

That is where J9 offer a unique insight and specialist assistance with the raising of capital to satisfy many different facets and industries.

Many companies wait too far too long before looking and assessing cash flow requirements, the cost of their current borrowing and their medium and long term liquidity needs.

I urge any business owner who requires money to contact either Johnny Abraham on 07973 471210 or myself Michael Michaelson on 07973 149336 and allow us to confidentially and professionally help you with your requirements.


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