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Printing Press Services International

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Preston, Lancashire | Business Options & Debt Restructuring

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"Johnny Abraham at J9 Advisory was introduced to me by a business connection and mutual client of J9, when I acquired the majority shareholding of a long established, family engineering business.

The business had many legacy issues attached to it as a a result of the downturn in the global newspaper press sector.

Johnny met with me and in a short space of time provided the Company with a 12 month cashflow forecast, and immediately created an action plan to deal with the Company's many stakeholders and also assisted with cash management.

This work has enabled me, together with management team to concentrate our efforts on building our sales, whilst diversifying into the competitive sub contract machining sector.

Johnny was also instrumental in refinancing and for securing the financial stability and dealings of the business moving forward, which will place the Company in a positive position to achieve its future growth plans, whilst hopefully securing our position as a leading provider of precision engineering services in the UK."

David McManamon

Chairman Printing Press Services International Limited - Preston

Learn more about our business options and debt restructuring here.


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